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Chapter 7Evidence of Validity Based on ContentWhat is validityoValidity evidence that the interpretations that are being made from the scores on a test are appropriate for their intended purpose Chapter 6Validity Yesterday and TodayoTraditional Viewmeasures what it was designed to measuretypes of validity there were different typescontent construct criterion using these 3 types implied we could call it valid or not validResearchers began to point out problems with thisWhile a test could be valid for certain purposes its not valid for all purposesTests are valid or invalidoCurrent Viewis the test appropriate for a particular purposesingle concept not different typessources of evidence for validitySources of Evidence for Validity oTest content formerly content validityoResponse Processes has to do with what the test taker is thinking while theyre taking the testoInternal Structure formerly construct validity how will the items hang together Does it actually measure a single concept if thats what its supposed to If we have different subgroups of test takers we want to make sure they all perform the sameoRelations with other variables formerly Cirterionrelated and Construct validity We want to make sure that it relates to other constructs the way that we predict it wouldoConsequences of Testing how the test is used if we think about early intelligence tests many of them focused on cultural knowledge rather on intelligence The people who did poorly didnt get a job Not valid in terms of how they were being used Content Validityo Evidence based on test contentoConstruct an attribute trait or characteristic that is abstracted from observable behaviors The domain of interest was chapters 14 and want to cover each of them equally on our test 1We want to have an overlap as perfect as possible 14 information from each chapter content validCriterionRelated Validityo Evidence based on relations with criterion variablesoCriterionRelated Validity evidence that test scores correlate with or predict independent behaviors attitudes or events2 TypesPredictiveConcurrent
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