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Chapter 6Test ReliabilityWhat is ReliabilityoReliability the consistency with which an instrument yields measurements if you use a scale a woman wont weight 200 lbs one minute and then 95 lbs the nextoMeasurement Error variations or inconsistencies in the measurements yielded by a test or surveyoReliable Test a test that consistently yields the same measurements for the same phenomena Reliability has to do with how consistent something is Validity has to do with accuracy darts not hitting where we want but theyre hitting the same area every time A test can be reliable even if its not valid but not vice versa Reliability is a requirement necessary but not sufficientTestRetest ReliabilityoTestRetest Reliability the correlation between the 1st and 2nd administration when giving the same group of test takers the same test twice When interpreting this its important to take into account the amount of time thats passed This is something we want to see if its a stable trait Other factors can cause testretest reliability to be lower such as test taker fatigue if the environment is different if the administrator is differentoPractice Effects not appropriate when test takers are likely to improve on the attribute being measured for example the psych department gives a knowledge assessment We expect that students arent going to do very well on itThey take it again when theyre in a senior level psychologyoAlternateParallel Forms just the act of taking the test once can improve their ability when taking the test the second time aroundTo alleviate th
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