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Week 11 Ch13 14 Notes Outline

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Career services ladiesCareer assessments focus on interests Doesnt tell you what you should pursue Shows who you share similar interests with Not a quick fix No assessment can tell you what your career should be Projects the data about yourself and shows you a clear indicator of patterns Strong Interest InventoryJohn Holland A Typology Approach Hollands theory argued that the choice of a career is an expression of personalityMeasures interests in a broad range of occupations work activities leisure activities and school subjects 6 basic types realistic investigative artistic social enterprising conventionalMyers Briggs Type Indicator MBTIStrong correlation between personality type and job satisfactionBased on Carl Jungs theory of personality types Working in a career thats not right for you is like writing with your nondominant hand Its frustrating and not rewardingMBTI looks at extroversion vs introversion Sensing vs intuition how you take in information Sensors use their senses Intuitive are more big picture Want bottom line Thinking vs Feeling how we make our decisions Analytically or emotion Judging vs Perceiving how you approach daily life Judging loves a to do list Need it mapped out Perceivers like to have things openIm INFJReport uses 22 job families Stable over time unless you have a big life changeCareer Occupational Preference System COPSMeasures interests abilities values Paper and pencil assessmentMore Universities are moving away fromthis Only offered at career services as neededTYPE FOCUSfree interactive assessment Assists in career decisions and personality preferences Can access this through PAWSFOCUS2Similar to Strong based on the 6 groups More interactive than TYPE FOCUS Section on career readiness Week 11Test and MeasuresChapters 1314Ch 13How Are Tests Used in Educational SettingsDecision Making in the Educational SettingType of DecisionDecision MakerType of TestInstructionalClassroom TeacherTeacher MadeGradingDiagnosticSelectionSpecialist or Administrator at School LevelPlacementStandardizedCounseling and GuidanceSpecialist or Administrator at District Program and CurriculumLevel or HigherAdministrative PolicyTests Used for Making Decisions in the ClassroomoDecisions Made at the Beginning of Instruction
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