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Exam 3 (Got A+ on the test)

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HowDoWeConstructAdministerandUseSurveyDataWhat Are SurveysSurveys Research tools that collect information to describe and compare peoples attitudes knowledge and behaviorsSurvey Research Firms companies that specialize in the construction and administration of surveys and analysis of survey dataExamplesGallupJD Power and AssociatesWestatUniversity of Michigan Institute for Social ResearchHelmstadters Six Methods for Acquiring KnowledgeTenacity Based on superstition or habit leads us to continue believing something we have always believedIntuition no reasoning or inferencesAuthority from a highly respected sourceRationalism through reasoningEmpiricism though personal experienceScientific method by testing ideas and beliefs according to a specific testing procedure that can be observed objectively not affected by personal beliefs perceptions biases values attitudes and emotionsResearch TechniquesExperimental Research Techniques provide evidence for cause and effectDescriptive Research Techniques help describe a situation or phenomenonThe Scientific Method of Survey Design StepsStep in the Scientific MethodCorresponding Step for Designing SurveysIdentify a problem and form a Presurvey issueshypothesisDesign a study to explore the Construct the surveyproblem and test the hypothesisConduct the studyAdminister the surveyAnalyze the research dataAnalyze the survey dataCommunicate the research findingsCommunicate the findings of the studyThe Scientific Method of Survey Design Characteristics of Good Surveysspecific and measurable objectivesstraightforward questionspretested to ensure clarityadministered to adequate populationsampleappropriate analysis to obtain objectivesaccurate reporting of resultsreliable and validPreparing for the Surveyidentifying objectivesSurvey Objectives purpose of a survey including definition of what it will measureLiterature Reviews systematic examination of published and unpublished reports on a topicSubject Matter Experts individuals who are knowledgeable about a topic or who will be affected by the outcome of somethingdefine objectives operationallyconstruct a planDefine Objectives Operationally
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