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Lecture Notes for 2 5 2013

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PSYC 3030

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252013Shadow detectors escape predators and movement detectors eat for frogsSpeech segmentation You are able to use top down word knowledge to segment speech and insert mental pauses in words where there arent any pausesWe have a lot of top down knowledge when we look at faces When we take away the top down knowledge we fail to notice some things the upside down facesThatcher facesEmpirical Evidence for topdown and bottomup effectsTulving studied the duration bottomup in which the word was visible and the context topdown in which the word was located He would flash the words to see what words were more important in the context As the word was played for longer durations people could see it better Also the more words that were available at first the better people were at getting the word This experiment demonstrates that both processes have large effectsReicher asked participants to not identify words but to identify letters that were displayed during varied durations There were 3 durations 40 60 80 ms and 3 display types single letter words nonwords The second display type worked the bestSubliminal PerceptionThere is some evidence that perception does not necessarily require awareness We dont have to try to organize features into objects so perception is clearly automaticDB was left blind in parts of his left hemisphere However he could still guess a high percentage of n
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