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Lecture Notes 3 5 2013

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352013LTM Section 25Memory in the real world Bartlett 1932 studied memory availability using the telephone game He told a story to person 1 and that person had to explain it from memory to the second person and so on The last person tried to tell the original story to Bartlett The classic example he used was War of the Ghosts War of the Ghosts was a long story not a few sentences This demonstrates that memory is a reconstructive process You dont repeat things word for word you reconstruct it into something that makes sense to you People tend to shortenreorganize the story so it makes more sense We constantly relate new experiences to past beliefs Inconsistent ideas tend to be forgotten or altered People tend to be prejudice because they heard something bad about that group or had one bad experience with that group Empirical EvidenceCarmichael 1930 presented Ss with ambiguous drawings and asked people to study them He would casually suggest what the figure could be to the participants Later they Ss were asked to come back to the lab and draw the figures They would reconstruct their memory consistent with his suggestions AllportPostman 1958 repeated Bartletts telephone experiment but with drawings of a scene instead After the description went down the telephone line suddenly the black man had the razor as opposed to the white man who actually is holding it in the picture Subjects also reported that he was brandishing the weapon in a threatening manner This elaborates prejudice Recon
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