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Final Study Guide Psyc 3082

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3082

Psychology 3082 Abnormal PsychologyBryan J Gros PhDFinal Exam study guideDisorders seen first in childhoodADHDosymptoms and criteriaInattention Cluster 1 in DSM hyperactivity Cluster 2 in DSM and impulsivity Cluster 2 in DSMOne cluster must be present prior to age 7oOccurs in 412 of children age 612oUsually present around age 3 or 4o23 of children with ADHD have problems as adultsoBoys outnumber girls 4 to 1oHighest probability of diagnoses in USoRuns in families oPossible causesNeurobiological contributionsInactivity of frontal cortexRight hemisphere malfunctionAbnormal frontal lobeNo precise neurobiological causeAllergens on food additives do not cause ADHDMaternal smoking increases ADHD riskConstant negative feedback from teachersPeer rejectionLow selfimageoTreatment GoalsReduce impulsivityhyperactivityStimulant medicationsReduce ADHD in 70Some nonstimulant medsBehavioral treatmentReinforcement programsIncrease appropriate behaviors and decrease inappropriate onesMay involve parent traningCombination biopsychosocial treatments highly recommendedNonmedical treatments are not as effectiveLearning Disordersproblems related to academic performance in reading mathematics and writingoReading disordersDiscrepancy between actual and expected reading abilitiesSignificantly below typical person of the same ageCANNOT BE CAUSED BY SENSORY DEFECTSoMathematics disordersAchievement below expected oDisorder of written expressionAchievement below expected performance in writing o13 incidence rate of learning disabilities in the USo1015 prevalence rate among school age childrenoReading difficulties are the most commono32 with learning disabilities dropout
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