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Principles Of Learning

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PSYC 4030
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Principles of LearningThe Mind as an Empty VesselBut Learning Doesnt Happen this WayoWe bring our own knowledge to each situation and this impacts what we learn and how quickly we learn itoWe are active processors of information not passive recipientsNo one can make us learnYou have to take leadership for your own learningResearch on LearningResearch has told us much about the elements involved in being an effective learnerThe goal is to be a selfregulated learneroThe skills includeStrategies for planning and achieving goals as well as maintaining motivation discussed in last lectureStrategies for improving your understanding of the material and your ability to retain itoThese skills are increasingly required for academic professional and lifelong learningSimple Model of MindBrainEnvironmentBrainoOther peopleoPhysical objectsWorking MemoryLongterm Memory oWorking memory information you are currently thinking about or briefly storingIf not kept active by rehearsal information is lost quickly from working memoryWorking memory can hold only so much information
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