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Physiological Psych Unit 2

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Overview of the Nervous SystemCNS oBrain Sections have dramatic change in anatomyoSpinal cord Sections are much more alikePNS oCranial nervesCome off of base of brain in pairsoSpinal nervesCome off spinal cord in pairs oSomatic oMotor Pyramidal oGiven name for anatomical landmarkneurons are going through part of brain that looks like a pyramid oMost recent to evolve oLast to develop in children as they mature oPart of nervous system that allows us to perform certain skills speech danceExtrapyramidaloNeurons outside that divisionoEvolved earlier oFirst matures in childrenoControls stereotyped automatic motions such as maintaining posture or walking going to big muscle groupsSpecial Muscle groups in cranial nervesoNeurons leave brain before pyramids oSensoryStandard senses except for touchSomethesis monitors usthings happening within the bodyoPropioception muscles and regulates where we are in space and stereognosis allows us to recognize objects without sight touch and pressureoPain and temperature carried in same set of nervesoLight touchoAutonomic oInvoluntary oWe arent consciously aware of it and we have very little ability to change it oSympathetic Uses energy and activates systems oParasympathetic Conserves energyChapter 3 Structure of the Nervous SystemNeuroanatomy Terms oNeuraxis imaginary line that runs through the center of the nervous system through the spinal cord up to the front of the brainoAnterior rostraltowards nose towards front head oPosterior caudal towards back tail end oVentral inferior towards base of brain and towards belly oDorsal superior top of brain andtowards backoMedial toward centeroLateral toward periphery toward the sideoIpsilateral on the same side oContralateral on opposite sides oBilateral on both sides oDecussate crossed intersectedoDecussation point is the point where the fibers cross the neuraxisoAfferent sensory toward some reference point oEfferent motor away from some reference point oNucleus collection of cell bodies in CNS integration taking placeoGanglion collection of cell bodies in PNS integration taking placeoNerve collection of axons in CNS oTract collection of axons in PNSoWhite matter nerve tissue that it white because it has high fat content myelinatedoGrey matter nerve tissue that is darker in color and is unmyelinated 3 Anatomical planes oSagitall oAnterior to posterior perpendicular to ground oSaggital section a slice through the brain parallel to the neuraxis and perpendicular to the ground oMidsaggital plane the plane through the neuraxis perpendicular to the ground divides the brain into two symmetrical halves oCoronal frontal transverseoDorsal to ventral perpendicular to ground oFrontal section a slice through the brain parallel to the forehead oCross section with respect to the brain a slice taken at right angles to the neuraxisoHorizontal
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