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PSYC 4039

Chapters 3 and 5Eugenics what is it who founded the science how it is or can be practices different types of techniques Documentary of Refrigerator Mothersmothers of autistic children Freudians believed that severe developmental disabilities were caused by a mother who was cold autism childhood psychosisBettelheim person most strongly associated with the idea that the motherparents were to blame psychoanalytic perspectivemain advocate Rimland negated Bettelheim saying that autism had a biological cause reviewed literature in mid 1960s wrote a book concluded that autism was biological and that early childhood environment esp mothers relationship had no effect Development of university psychiatry Another aspect of university psychiatry not only allowed for formal education but also connected mental disorders with research Griesinger and his main contributions establishes the first lasting department of psychiatry in a major university with a clinic where students can see patients also founded the journal Archives of Psychiatry and Nervous DiseasesThe Germans were the leaders in the development of psychiatry including university psychiatry book emphasizes this talks about cultural differences Back then medical doctors had to do a dissertation These dissertations were scientific puffballs Germans integrated into university teaching the habilitation another research project that was much more rigorous that the doctoral dissertation Back then to be a professor in medicine you had to get an MD degree and then do a habilitation The habilitation required the person to make some significant contribution to science In order to be a university professor you had to complete a habilitationFirst biological psychiatry one aspect was genetics genes versus environment twin study Know that heritability means what we get from twin studies is a statistic is heritability the amount of variation in the phenotype that is attributable to genetic variation Dissecting brains and looking for structural abnormalities This technique of looking at tissue and connecting it with clinical symptoms The Clinical Pathological Method Primarily what the first biological psychiatry was about Minor was the most influential figureDevelopment of the psychoanalytic schoolparadigmUnderstand basic theory early childhood experiences and unconscious repression insight therapyMain figure FreudPerceived by most mainstream physicians as a cult They were not welcome in universities initially They developed by founding their own training institutes They were exclusionarylimited the training to a very specific group You had to be a psychiatrist Neurologists psychologists social workers could not do thisVery little science supports the psychoanalytic theoryThey were very effective politically They took over chairmanships in departments of psychiatrystart training Tried to take over APAgained a lot of powerTheir power was disproportional to their numbers Mainstream psychiatry always has been biological and rooted in the asylum until we shut them down psychoanalysis is
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