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PSYC 4039

3Madness and MedicinePSYC 403951806what this course is notoantipsychiatryscientologyoantidrugoantibiologyPsychiatryPsychologythe goodopsychiatry saves lives can cause dramatic transformations though this is not the normopsychiatry improves the quality of lifethe badoefficacy of treatments is exaggeratedounderstanding the etiology is exaggeratedooverprescription of medicationoovermisdiagnosis of mental disorderthe uglyoharmful treatmentsorecklessness researchers and cliniciansoneglect and abuseGPI o2030 of people in mental hospitals had GPIoclearly different from other patients because they were paralyzed or had serious problems moving and dementiaoaround 1900 it was discovered that GPI was an advanced state of syphilisoso it became a part of a different branch of medicine most of mentally ill are in prisons not hospitalsoas a guard could be hard to be sympathetic to themHistorydefinition the branch of knowledge concerned with past events in relation to human activitiesbegins with writing archaeology before thatwhy should we care about historyointrinsically interestingohelps avoid mistakes of the pastohelps to understand the presentohelps to predict the futurehistoriographythe writing of history or the study of the methods of history and historical writingopractitioner vs academic historianpractitionersomeone trained as a psychologist psychiatrist or biochemist who for whatever reason decides that they will write the history of their field1academic historiansomeone who goes through the history department at a university and gets a PhD and then writes about a fieldacademic historians are more concerned with history as a form of literatureart and they are concerned that practitioners are not trained in the methods of writing historypractitioners learned the substance of the field and know their field to a depth that no academic historian would reachointernalism vs externalisminternalistic narrative focuses on the eventsex history of drug research side effects etcexternalistic history the scope gets broaderwhy would society want to find a chemical solution to mental disorderstakes the events and relates them to the broader society economic situation portrayal of mental disorders in Hollywood etcopresent oriented whiggish vs diachronical historypresent orientedapplying present day knowledge to past events says its OK to take what we have learned in the intervening time and apply it because it helps us understand better Baumeister is present orienteddiachronical approachwrite history as though you know nothing about what happened afterwardsopersonalistic vs naturalistic viewpersonalisticpeople as individuals are responsible for historynaturalistichistory happens anyway certain historical events are inevitableand narrativea chronological account of historical events analysis of causeand effectHistory and Science Differenceshistorical events are uniquescience deals with repeatable eventsin science the causal variable can be isolated and manipulatedscience yields lawsHistory and Science Similaritiesboth strive for truthknowledge is cumulativehistory is evidence based as is sciencehistorical conclusions are subject to refutationsome sciences deal with nonrepeatable events eg evolutionary biology geology cosmology history should be a science too WWI only happened oncehistory is lawful at least in a statistical sense as compared to scientific laws such 2as Emc2oex the prevalence of a mental disorder is directly proportional to the availability of treatment for that disorder Baumeisters statementobefore antidepressants 50100 millionoafter antidepressants 100000millionThe Meaning of MadnessEtymology madnessfrom Gothic mod meaning anger or ragemodnesseOld English additional meaning of folly or foolishnessmaniafrom Greek mainesthai meaning to rageinsanefrom Latin insanus meaning unsound minddeliriumfrom Latin de lira meaning out of the trackcrazyfrom French encrase meaning crushed or brokenlunacyfrom Latin lunaticus meaning moonstruckGeneric Madnessbehaviors that are extreme bizarre violent odd agitated or inappropriatePossible Causes of Madnessfever intoxication liver disease syphilis head trauma schizophreniaThe Other Madnessesmelancholiafrom Greek melas meaning black and chole meaning biledichotomous classificationomadness omelancholiatrichotomous classificationomadnessomelancholiaomental retardationCurrent Terminologymental illnessimplies somatogenesis biologically based implying perspectivemental disordercurrent preferred term no implication of causeThe Philosophy of MadnessDark Star videoa spaceship going through the universe vaporizing planetsthey are about to vaporize a planet talk to the bombartificial intelligencecaptain confuses the bomb with philosophical questionshow do you know you existbecause it comes to me from my sensesthe problem with that is that your senses are all interpretive no guarantee that what you see hear or feel has any real basis in reality3
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