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PSYC 4070Developmental PsychologyBig Questions about the FieldWhat is developmentTheoryHow to study developmentMethodDevelopmentsome ideas of what constitutes developmentchangeinfancyold ageprogressioncan look at physical development mental development etcNormative developmentdevelopment in general instead of specific cases How people normally developHow do we study this MethodPiagetDeductive ReasoningConcrete Operationalclear evidence of abstract thoughtBrethenmener develop Psyc Is what kids do in strange situationsIn western culture adults ask kids Qs that they already know the answer toVideo of younger boy and older girlRule If you hit a glass with a feather the glass will breakDon hit the glass with a featherWhat happenedYounger boyNothingA feather is softOlder girlThe glass broke because the rule said it wouldWhat developsWhat are the milestonesFirst stepsmotor skillsLanguageproblem solvingGraduationsocial skillsDrivers licensereasoningst1 kissdateHow do we developMechanismsMaturationParentsSiblings birth orderObservationInstructionNature and NurtureNaturebiologicalNurtureenvironmentfriends schoolingWhy do children become so different from each otherQuantitative or Qualitative ChangeDevelopmental Continuitygradual continuouspine tree growthquantitativechangeprogressionDevelopmental Discontinuitybutterfly developmentqualitativediscontinuousHistory of Developmental PsychologySigmund FreudNonscientific approachspeculation about the importance of childhood in Psychology 1938BF Skinner rigorous application of scientific principles to developmental psychology is development any different from learning rewards reinforcementJean PiagetRigorous scientific methods and built suggestions that development is fundamentally different from mere learningMany of the revolutionary studies that make up the modern science of developmental psychology are reactions to the works of these menHow do we get to be adultsAre toddlers completely different than adultsAugust 31 2006GuessOurSequence GameSequenceFits my RuleGuess My RuleHow Sure2 4 6counting by twos40Actual rule counting upSci Method state probgather infoform hypoth test the hypoth recordanalyze data state theconclusion repeat the workEpistemologyAn epistemology is a way of knowing thingsScience is one very major epistemologyOthers mathlogic life experience instinct intuition religion authority common SenseSolipsism the idea that all you really know is what is in your inner thoughtsProcess of ScienceA ComparisonPoliticsBig Ideas theoriesBig Clashes electionsBig but fleeting successesScienceBig Ideas theories
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