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JMJ1Chapter 11 Physical and Cognitive Development in AdolescenceAdolescence Developmental stage between childhoodadulthood generally starts just before teen years startends just after themIs transitional stageno longer children but not adultsCharacterized bytime of bodily changesvarious temptations drugs ETOH sex expandingconstricting social networkscognitive changesemotionalityGrowth During Adolescence Adolescent growth spurtrapid growth during adolescenceIn few months can grow several inchescan gain much weighton average boys grow 41 inyr girls35 inyrgirls start growth spurt earlier so maybe taller than sameaged peers for a time usually around age 11 Pubertyperiod during which sexual organs maturebegins when pituitary gland signals other glands to begin producing sex hormones at adult levelsandrogens male hormones estrogens female hormones malesfemale produce both types of sex hormonesBUTmales typically have higher concentration of androgensfemales typically have higher concentration of estrogen Puberty in Girlspuberty starts earlier for girls than boysusually starts at age 11 or 12 for girls used to be around age 14better nutrition and heathcare now BUT there are wide variations some girls as early as 7 or 8late as 16 menarcheonset of menstruation nutrition is a factorbetter health care is a factor later in poorer countriesearlier in industrialized nationseven in wealthier nations are differences girls in more affluent groups begin to menstruate earlier than less affluent girls environmental stress family conflict divorce etc can bring about early onset Menstruation related to development of primary and secondary sex characteristics JMJ2Primary sex characteristics characteristics associated with development of organsstructures of body directly related to reproduction primary sex organsfemalesovaries uterus vaginamalesprostate penis testes Secondary sex characteristicsvisible signs of sexual maturity not directly involving sex organsEXfacial hair pubic hair armpit hair male voice deepens Ethnic Differences AfricanAmerican girls have earlier onset of puberty ie breast developmentpubic hair growthnot sure why this is so Puberty in Boys usually starts at age 13 or 14 for boys start producing sperm us at age 12st 1 ejaculate usually at age 13 Secondary sex characteristics developfacial and pubic hairAdolescence Time of Mood Swings Is my kid bipolarSurge in hormones that triggers adolescence may lead to rapid swings in moodHigher hormone level associated with feelings of angerannoyance in boysangerdepression in girlsBody ImageReactions to Physical Changes in Adolescence Menarcheused to be associated with anxiety now is related to increase in selfesteem rise in status see themselves becoming adultsGirlsboys reactions to puberty depends on when it happensEarly maturationboys is a plusearly maturing boys tend to be more successful as athleticsare more popularmore positive selfconceptIn later life tend to be more responsiblecooperativeconforming there is a downside more likely for involvement delinquencysubstance abuse WHY
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