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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4070

JMJ1FINAL TUESDAY AT 8PM Chapter 15Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle AdulthoodMiddle Adulthooddevelopmental period from 4060 years of ageDuring this time people first face visible reminders that time is passingbodies begin to changecog abilities to some extent Physical DevelopmentChanges occur usually result of declines related to agelifestyle choices lifestyle choicesdietexercisesmokingdrug useetcPhysical changesdeclines are particularly difficult for people in Western societiesWHY because value youthful appearanceFor some psychological significantly exceeds relatively minor changes occurring Emotional reactions depend on selfconceptif selfconcept tied to physical attributes like athleticism or beauty then will have a more diff time if selfconcept not tied to physical attributes then usually report no less satisfaction with body images than younger adultsHeight WeightStrengthMost reach max height during 20s remain close to that until around age 55 at that time Settling process beginsbones attached 2 spinal column become less dense Loss of height very slow ultimately men average a 1in decline women a 2in decline over rest of lifespan usually due to osteoporosisbones more porous less dense and breakfracture more easilybones collapsefractures of the vertebrae lead 2 compression of spineWeightamount of body fat tends to grow in average personmiddleage spreadDeclines in strength also occurstrength gradually declines throughout middle adulthood especially true for backleg musclesby age 60 lost 10 of max strengthregular exercise can help offset weight gainloss of strengthThe SensesAll senses are affected by aging most noticeable are visionhearingJMJ2Visionvisual acuity decreases acuityability to discern fine spatial detail in closedistant objectsshape of lens changes elasticity deteriorates less light passes through the eye lens is less transparentso makes it harder to focus images sharply on to retinaAs people age why do they have to hold things they are reading away from thempresbyopialoss of near visionis nearly universal occurrencedeclines in depth perceptiondistance perceptionloss of adaptability leads to problems with ability to adapt to darknessHearingalso undergoes gradual decrease in acuity starting in mid adulthoodsome of hearing loss results from environmental factors Ex jobs where these is loud noiseeardrum loses elasticityloss of cilia hair cells in inner ear with agecilia transmit neural messages to brain results in decreased sensitivity to sound men more prone to hearing loss than women usually starts around age 55Reaction TimeTime takes to react to a stimulusSlight increase in reaction time accompanies aging EXtime it takes to react to loud noise increases by 20 from age 20 to 60 Increase in time for simple tasks reacting to loud noise is more than that for more complex tasks driving a car Increase in reaction time produced by changes in speed with which nervous system processes nerve impulses Even though experience increased reaction time still have less accidents than younger driversWHYthey compensateare more carefultake less risks Sex in Middle AdulthoodSexuality remains important part of life for many middleaged peoplefrequency of sex decreases wage50 between age of 4559 report having sex about 1xweekChanges do occurmalestypically need more time to achieve erectionlongerrefractory periodvolume of sperm decreasesproduction of testosterone decreases with age
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