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PSYC 4072
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TEST 1PSYC 4072INTROWhy study adult development and agingoWe will explore the many way individuals can affect their own aging processes through incorporation into their daily lives behaviors and activities that can maintain maximum levels of functioning well into the later decades of life it is never too early or too late to make these adaptations The magical age is 65this is the marker for the onset of old ageoWe adopted this convention from Otto Von Bismark was the first chancellor of the German empire in the 1800soAs a result of the limitationpsychologists argue for a multidimensional prospectiveBirren said we need to look at these 3 different ways to look at ageo1 Biological ageviewed in terms of declineProcesses that incorporate the changes within the body associated with the passage of time that alter the bodys functions and structures The quality of functioning of the individuals organ systemso2 Psychological ageviewed in terms of maintaining and improving Processes that involve cognition personality and emotions The quality of the individuals functioning intelligence memory and learning abilityo3 Social age Looking at the roles and behaviors of the individual based on what we expect a person of that age to do Occupying certain social roles oWithin this model the concept of identity will have a central roleDEMOGRAPHICS AND CROSS CULTURAL PERSPECTIVESDemographic Trends and related issuesIncreasing s of older adults today and in the futureoIn 1900s people65 made up only 4 of the US population Life expectancy was 47oToday People65 mare up 12 triple of the US population Life expectancy is 77oIn 2020 People65 will make up 16 of the US populationoIn 2050 People65 will make up 2025 of the US populationThis trend will occur from better medical advancements healthcare etc and lower birth rates There is a fear that we will bankrupt our social security fundsWho is living longerIndustrialized CivilizationsUS citizens plus people in Europe Scandinavia and Japan85 oldest old is the fastest growing segment of the populationImplications of demographic trendsPsychologicalPoliticalEthnicity and AgingOverviewEthnicity is a much broader concept than just race It can also be based on religion national identity etcMany of the samples used to find the research on aging were white middle to upper class church going people So a lot of the data is not an accurate representation Double Jeopardy Hypothesis aging will have consequences that cause struggle being a minority have consequences that cause struggle So being an old minority is greatly disadvantageous However there is not any convincing evidence to support the Double Jeopardy HypothesisCrossCultural PerspectivesCross cultural definitions of old ageoVary from one society to the next By looking at other societys ways of looking at old age and use that to assess the way we doChronological age as a markeroMeasure in years our society uses this number to describe us because it is convenient to calculateFunctional ability as a markeroIn some societies a person is old when the cannot carry on their roles So age comes at different times Eskimos Has nothing to do with calendar at allTransitional events as a markeroIn some societies when your children marry you are considered oldStatus of older people in traditional societies
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