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Chapter 13

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PSYC 4176
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1Chapter 13 Development of Sex Differences and Gender RolesDefinitionsGender stereotypeswidely held beliefs about characteristics deemed appropriate for males and femalesGender Roles the reflection of stereotypes in everyday behaviorGender Identity the private face of gender Refers to the perception of self as relatively masculine or feminine in characteristicsGender Typing refers to any association of objects activities roles or traits with biological sex in ways that conform to stereotypes of genderGender StereotypesMasculineoInstrumental traitsreflecting competence rationality assertivenessFeminineoExpressive traitsemphasize warmth caring and sensitivityAdult Gender Stereotyping of ChildrenAdults apply gender stereotyping to children with a special intensityAdults differentiated boys and girls more sharply than they did men from womenAdults perceived little difference in the adult photos but a sharp difference in the child photooRating boys as far more masculine in personality traits than girlsoAdults also reported a much greater difference in feminine personality traits than they did for men and womenBecause adults view children through a genders bias lens its not surprising that children have begun to absorb these messages in as ndearly as their 2 yearDevelopment of Gender StereotypingEarly ChildhoodoStereotypes begin around 18 monthsoStrengthens and becomes rigid through early childhood
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