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Final Exam Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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Religious Studies
REL 1000
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Religions of the World REL 1000Final Exam Study GuideAcademic Study Phenomenological CatoBased on similarities regardless of time and placeGeographical CatoClassified based on region of originPathetic Fallacy oGiving human characteristics to objects feelings or ideasoGeneralizationsoLeads to theological conclusionsEthnic religions oReligions that you are born into and not based on conversionsOralBasic TraditionsInstrumentalistoConnection to the supernatural world People participate in rituals to bring about a change in their worldoIf they are done properly the change will happen If the change doesnt happen they did something wrong Animism oThe belief that all nature is alive and filled with unseen spirits that may be worshiped or placated They see a soul or a self existing in trees stones rivers and heavenly bodiesDivination oPrediction of the future through various magical means eg Tarot cards I Ching reading of tea leavesResponses to Colonization oGeneralizationsColonization different in North America than AfricaSome people adopted ChristianitySome people joined revitalization movementsReligious movement that seeks to reform and give new life to a particular traditionSome developed Syncretic forms of religionCombining beliefs and practices from different traditionsAfrican ReligionsoDifficulties in Studying African Traditional ReligionsHard to separate out religionOral traditionsArcheology requires interpretationThey are on the declineoGeneralizationsHard to generalizeInstrumentalistNo dualism between goodevilTheisticSupreme Beings and lesser deitiesReligions of the World REL 1000Final Exam Study GuideAncestor venerationCommunal focusAncestor veneration oVeneration of deceased members of the family It frequently involves upkeep and care of graves memorization of the names from past generations and prayers and sacrifices in honor of the deadNative American ReligionsoDifficult to generalizeoTraditionally oraloTheisticmultiple deities and Supreme BeingsoNo stark distinctions between supernatural or goodevilIf something good happens its good If something bad happens its badoIndividualisticoInstrumentalist Sun Dance oSummer celebration performed by Native Americans of the Great PlainsHinduismBhagavad GitaoImportant section of the MahabharatathoKrishna 9 incarnation of Vishnu refuses to fightArjuna asks his advice and asks him if its ok to be fightingUpanishads oPhilosophical materials in the Vedic literatureSamsaraoContinuing cycle of death and rebirthKarma oSystem of reward and punishment attached to actionsAvatar oThe various forms that Vishnu comes to Earth asCaste system o4 Main casteBrahminspriestsTeach and study the VedasRulerswarriorsProtect their peoplecan study VedasMerchantsCommerce and agriculturecan study VedasServantsCant accumulate wealthcannot study VedasOutcastsuntouchablesnot part of the systemAssociated with pollution
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