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Test 1HinduismKey TermsDharma sacred dutyBrahman the supreme reality the essence of everything cant be defined Nirguna without attributes the very impersonal Brahman essence Saguna with attributes the personal Brahman made into infinite number of GodsAtman the soulKarma every action has a consequenceSamsara cycle of rebirth reincarnation until awoken Moksha ultimate goal of life ending the cycle of life Realizing Brahman and atman are oneMaya illusion that the world is realBhakti intense devotion Longing to be with godSamskaras 16 rights to purify and sanctify a person on journey through life the transitions in life the vulnerable moments ex birth naming first solid food study puberty marriage deathGuru spiritual leader or teacherPuja any form of ritual worshipShruti texts not made by humans revealed from the godsSmriti texts created by humansYoga the training of the body and the mind control of the body to set free the mindGodsthVishnu reincarnates himself into the world 10 avatars The 10 is still being awaitedKrishna most famous avatar Celebrated from birth Present in the Mahabharata epic symbols flute peacock feather cowsRama the main character in the epic Ramayana Perfect model of dharmaVaishnavism the worshiping of Vishnu Shiva god of physical selfdenial dance physical pleasure destruction very mysterious godShaivism the worshiping of Shiva
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