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Final Exam Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 1004

Final Exam Study Guide Prophets 1 We divided the Hebrew prophets into two groupsthe early prophets and the classical prophetsExplain this division Classical prophets are prophets from Amos onward who have separate books with their speechesEarly prophets are prophets before Amos who only have stories about them in Genesis through Kings2 How have past interpreters of the Bible understood the Hebrew prophetsSummarize briefly the views of the early Christian writers traditional Judaism Julius Wellhausen and Gustav Holscher Early Christians view prophets as predictors of Jesus ChristTraditional Jews view prophets as interpreters of the Mosaic lawWellhausen views prophets as religious geniuses who thought up ethical monotheismHolscher views prophets as ecstatic poets3 Prophecy in ancient Israel exhibited great diversityKnow the different portraits of early prophets The seer was a clairvoyant who perceives things that are beyond the senses of ordinary people usually paid for his services and esteemed because his word comes true The anonymous prophets were organized into groups connected to sanctuaries prophesized with ecstatic music and unusual behavior and identified by their father Nathan served the king as a court prophet advised the king on cultic matters approved by Jahweh gave dynastic oracles that legitimated the ruling dynasty by declaring Jahwehs support bestowed a special throne name on a royal heir and played a role in the enthronement ritual for a new king Elijah wore a special mantle that symbolized his authority and possessed magical power was a man of God who performed miracles and interceded effectively with the deity Elisha was the leader of groups called the sons of the prophets prophesized with spirit possession music and oracles consulted military matters performed miracles advised cases of medical illness played a role in political revolution and performed symbolic actions that magically affected future events4 Review again the biblical portrait of ElijahBe especially familiar with the story of the contest at Mount CarmelHow is it a double contest 1
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