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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 2000

3Personal Religious ChangeDevelopment vs conversionConfucianism oJen Pronounced renProper behavior between persons 5 relationshipsoRuler and ruledoFather and sonoHusband and wifeoElder and younger brotheroElder and younger friendConversionoDivided self because confusedoObvious moment of changeoPaulWent from persecuting Christians to becoming oneIslamc TraditionConversion is called homecomingYou dont convert to IslamYou just come back to Islam you never werent an Islamlearn Malcolm xPersonal change leading to new religious mutsSiddhartha Buddha of this age there will be new ones and there are ones before himStarted off as prince then he sees four sights Old man sick man dead man monk Then he goes with monk yogi mediation rituals ectthen he acidic starves himself Then he meditates by tree and concurs evil and temptation and becomes Buddha He went back to the people that staved themselves after they rejected him for eating but then they saw he had been enlightened and listened to him4 noble truths how to end the cycle of rebirth good thing1Noble truth of sufferingaAll being is suffering bEven when we think we arent suffering we are2Noble truth of originaExplains where suffering comes frombSuffering comes from desire3Noble truth of cessationaStop desiring thingsbHow we stop suffering4Noble Truth of the eight fold pathaDesire will cease then suffering will endbSuffering can stopcFinal result
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