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Religious Studies
REL 2001
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REL 2001SiddharthaGrows up privileged oFather is religious leader of the communityThe ProblemoSolid spiritual upbringing but still questions the meaning of lifeSeeks enlightenment oHe feels that his father and Brahmins have learned the holy books perfectly and they still have not reached enlightenmentoFeels that in order to become religious man in the community they would have to follow something blindly like sheep in a herdHe rejects thisTells his father and Govinda friend that he wishes to join the samanas oTry to obtain enlightenment by rejecting bodily and physical desiresSiddhartha and Govinda start to question Samanas after being with them for awhileoGo journey to find a new person to follow in the Buddha GotamaoAs they stay there Siddhartha starts to doubt whether he should be following him or not while Govinda becomes more convincedoAfter talking to Gotama personally Siddhartha starts to realize that he cannot find enlightenment by following other people but that he must find it on his ownoHe leaves Govinda behind and goes to search on his ownEventually finds enlightenment on his own from a man on a river Becomes amazed by river and how it changes his view on lifeQuestion of bookCan we really find what it is that we are searching for by following other people or do we have to do it on our own Siddhartha went back and forth on this issue but eventually decided that it was on his ownThats what he says in the book but it does not exactly happen like thatHe does find it after journeying on his own but only after Gotama led him to do soAlso he found it in the river with the help of the ferry man on the riverSimone WeilWaiting For GodLetter VIcertainty of what god wants her to do
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