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Hindu TermsMoksaTo releaseThe enlightenment release and liberation from retributions entailed by ones past deeds and thus from the necessity of further deaths and rebirths This liberation is the highest blessedness salvation itselfBhakti and Karma Yoga for realization of self and of god being unlimited and existing in many forms both personal and impersonalBrahmanAbsoluteUpanishads all controlling power and unifying essence of universe Atman inner essence of self with the BrahmanPersonal or impersonal depending on Hindu philosophy Brahman is consciousnessBeyond the senses beyond the mind beyond intelligence beyond imagination Bhagavad GitaAtmanSelfUltimate essence of a personTo obtain liberation you must acquire the selfknowledge or AtmanThrough experience you can realize that ones true self is identical with the transcendent self BrahmanVisnu Allpervading oneVedic deity associated with the sun germination growth and the support of lifeConsidered the lord of the universe by some postVedic believers10 forms of avatar Rama and KrishnaKrishnaSupreme lord of Hindu Bhagavatas Attributed authorship of Bhagavad GitaAvatar of VisnuYoung youthful boy playing flute
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