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Religious Studies
REL 2029
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Need 685 or more to get a BMuhammadHistoriography and Historyseparate betweenEuropean Historical PortrayalsMuhammad has extra hostile reaction Prince of DarknessMahond Sexual Deviant The DevilScholars no longer label him thisits related tospin off of Christianity Its a heresy Big competition Christianity disappears in birthplace by Islam Majority in ME convert and rapidly First Western BiographersGustav Weilfirst straight forward real history of the Gospelsfollowed by William Muir and DF MargoliuthFirst Muslim BiographersIbn Ishaqthese sources disappear written 70 yrs afterIbn Hishamgo here based almost entirely on Ishaq He quotes him Written 150 yrs after Flowered up and edited Other sources quote Ishaqhow we know deletedMuhammadorphaned at 6 Uncle took him underfinancial protector etcMember of Quraysh Al Amin Merchant Influenced by Judaism and ChristianityWife from thereAfter 610migrate to Yathribrenamed al Medina begins preachingpisses offdestroying economyEarly Convertspoor underprivileged slaves Torturesmostly slaves Christian in Ethiopia protected them Once in medina changes to prophet and statesmanhead of city state 620 leave Mecca 622 comes backall support gone uncle and wife dead city gated Only had slave members Sleeps outside wall 4th night visited by men from Medina Goes there Life good ExceptQuraysh sent armyOpposition622 Hijrakicked out by own tribe to Medina624 Battle of BadrMuslim source 3000 to 300 300 winsGod on their side descendent of Battleset625 Battle of Uhudvs 10000 Qurayshdraw Muslims say victory Final war627 Constitution of MedinaTruce Want right to enter Mecca and offer pilgrimage Agreed but have to wait 2 yrs At point Kuwait is Islam so simply took it Agreement bw tribes in Medina 1st mention of Ummahthe communityfederation of believersall Muslimsbelievers belong to one community Politicalforming state Today only Muslims but Jews part of original Ummahprotection unless violate Conflict bw Jews that Muslims hostile to Unsure if he meant to reform When realized wont convert Muhammad switched praying towards Jerusalem to Meccadeclared new religion628 Treaty of Hudaybiya630 Conquest of MeccaFew Ideological ConceptsMuhammad1Seal of Prophecydeveloped in his timeno more Abrahamic prophetsKhatm after Muhammad
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