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Religious Studies
REL 2120

LECTURE 12 continuedThe Nazis planned and implemented the Holocaust to create more space for their people and get rid of anybody who wasnt AryanThe ideal future of the world would consist of race conscious Aryan Germans who obeyed and conformedoAryan is a linguistic term and originally has nothing to do with raceHitler and the Nazis required unconditional obedienceJanuary 30 1933Hitler appointed Reich chancellor of Germany by President Paul von HindenburgThe president was under no obligation to appoint Hitler to power He actually didnt even like Hitler and was hesitant to appoint him to chancellor for fear of a one party dictatorshipReichstag ParliamentHitler and the Nazis had no intentions of being managed by the President or anyone else This is where the government of Germanys began to failEnemies of the NazisCommunistsSocial democratsAll nonNazi politiciansTrade union leadersSpiritual resisters Jehovahs WitnessesSocial deviants homosexualsThose who persistently refused to be reformed would be terrorized and punishedStorm troopers and Elite GuardGorig ordered the police to shoot to kill all Communist demonstrators
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