Chapter 11 Religion

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 2120

Chapter 11 religionAdam and eve story no one may say my blood is pure than yours All human beings came from the same parents Jews embraced this ideaScientific fact all humans are virtually alike expect for exterior factors Ancient mespoptanie was spilt into 3 groups nobles slaves royal Slaves had different laws than nobles This was written by the gods Egypt also believed this Greeks born to be free barbarians to slavesaid by Plato and asterloVoltaire viewed black people as a mixture of white people and apes Racism was first came up in 1857Gobineu wrote essay inequality of races Jews seen as one of a kindGerman interested in race Something in German blood made them the best to rule Fichte said in 1808 the originally langue was German Germans were the first nationDifference Jews even that converted were not taken serious because the still had Jewish thoughts Nazis said Jewish was a race of people All hope was lost than O
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