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REL 2120

LECTURE 10 continuedThe reaction of the traditional Jews to the Hadistic JewsThe opponents Mitnagdim hated innovations in the traditional literacyThese two groups decided to fight against each otherMutual decrees of excommunicationMutual denunciation to the secular political authoritiesBook burningsMany parents went through a period of mourning of the dead if one of their sons or daughters joined the opposite sectsFighting quickly ceased as a result of the ProgressEnlightenment when they decided to form an alliance to band against the new enemyThe Age of Reason by Immanuel KantAude Sapere Dare to thinkThe effort to discover the natural laws which governed the universe involved scientific political and social changes in the way we taught Enlightenment thinkers examined the process in which we believe and as a result the rejected the absolute authority of the church and the stateEnlightenment not a set of ideas demanding unthinking agreement but a method of posing critical questions about traditional institutions customs and moralsThe core of the Enlightenment is a questioning of the thinking of the authorityIn addition young Jews were allowed to enter public universities for the first time and they began to contribute to the growth of the human intellectTHE ENLIGHTENMENTJeanJacques Rousseau French scholar wrote about the political rightsoHis ideas are repeated in the founding principles of AmericaMontesquieu Spirit of the Laws Great French Jurist believed that the laws of many countries should be a little more humane with less scope of unpredictable state power
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