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REL 2120

LECTURE 14The SHOAHThe Nazis dedicated themselves to the extermination of the Jews as a priority in winning the warThe success of their actions almost resulted in the extermination of all Jewish life and cultureChristkillersAlthough Christianity began as a Jewish sect they believed that Christ was the messiah They were convinced that their religion superseded that of anyone else and that the Jews were forced to wander the earth until they chose to convert to Christianity67 CE Vespasian Powerful Roman general who attacked throughout the countryside unopposed Just as he was about to lay siege to the city Nero committed suicide Nero was the one who prosecuted the Jews to the full extent of the lawoGalba and Otto perished quickly and were followed by Vitellius The governor of Syria defeated Vitellius and Vespasian left On thDecember 20 in the year 69 Vitellius was defeated and the Roman senate declared General Vespasian emperor on the following dayoThe son of Vespasian named Titus replaced his father in Judea and completed his fathers siege which led to its destructionoThe Romans renamed Judea the Latin word for Jew Region to Palestinia which was the word of the Philistines Under Constantine Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in 380 CEBritain and France formed a vanguard of the Emancipation movement during their revolutions in the 1700s Emancipation movement replaces religious kingdoms with the modern secular national state in Britain and FrancethBy the late 19 century Jews in Western and Central Europe gained similar rightsEast European Jews Lived in tight small communities called shtetls Poland Romania Russia Hungary etc
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