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REL 3004

Solomons royal citiesAreport in 1 Kings 915191Solomon built HazorTell el Qedah MegiddoTell el Mutesellim Gezer Tell el Jazer v 152Solomon built storage chariot and cavalry cities v 193Do vv 15 and 19 overlapBArcheological search for Solomons royal cities1Macalisters excavation at Gezer 19025 19079a2 square towers with time ashlar stones inserted into the citywallSolomonic WhybSuchmachers excavation of buildings at Megiddo with similar ashlar stones Assumed to be Solomonic bciAshlars typical of royal constructionii1 Kings915 says Solomon built at MegiddoiiiIf Megiddo buildings were Solomonic so too the towers at Gezer 2Megiddo I 1939a report n the University of Chicagos excavations at Megiddo in 192534aStratum IVSolomoniciCity wall 325 solid thick offsetsinsetsiiBuilding 338a government headquartersiii4 pillared buildingsstablesivAshlar masonry in several buildingsvProtoAeolic capitals near building 338bStratum IVBan intermediate phase below Str IV but above Stratum V iBuilding 1482 washlars under southern stablesiiPalace 1723 washlars under wall 325iiiStr IVB perhaps an early stage of Solomonic construction that was later aborted cStratum VpreSolomonicExamine arguments for the Sol dating of str IVAshlar masonry of Str IV is characteristics of royal constructionProtoAeoliccapitals in Str IV are also suggestive of royal construction1 Kings 915 states that Solomon built at MegiddoMegiddo stables fit with 1 K 917 which states that Sol built chariot and cavalry citiesNoticeNo close analysis of the potteryBible is determining the interpretation of the artifactual evidence 3Crowfoots review of Megiddo I 1940
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