High Places In Ancient Israel

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Religious Studies
REL 3004
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High Places in Ancient Israel1The Hebrew Bible often condemns Israelite and Judean kings for promoting worship aton high places This polemic reflects2What was a high place exactly The Hebrew word id bamah in the plural bamoth and high place may or may not be the best translation Scholars used to agree that the noun referred to an openair hilltop sanctuary but in recent years there has been more debate3Proceed inductively by examining some texts with the word bamaha1 Sam 9b1 Sam 1056c1 K 34d1 K 117eIsa 1612fIsa 152g2 k 184h2K 238iPs 78584Conclusions from the biblical data aboveaA bamah was usually a sanctuary on a hill or near a townSometimes however it may have been located within the town or in the gate area of townbA bamah usually had an alter and perhaps sacred pillar sacred wooden polescalled asherahs and religious images or idolcA bamah might also have a housetempledPriests usually officiated over the cultic act
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