SPAN 2102 : Final Exam Notes Spanish 2102

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15 Mar 2019

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Cultura: pick two things that we have talked about in this class like sports and music (big idea) and be able to describe them and give relevant examples and how they relate to the spanish culture in general. Reading: 13 questions and they will be worth 2 points each. If it starts on negative it needs to stay negative. Pronouns do and ido, some examples where you just need one or the other and some examples where you need both. Do pornouns: me te lo,la nos os los,las. Example: el professor __nos____ dio el repaso ayer nosotros. _te_____ __lo______ doy a ti manana. Irregular are the same as the future, tener, poder, querer, decir, venir, haber. Adjective clauses: when do you use the subjunctive: if the thing you are describing might not exist. Example: harli es la estudiante que se sienta delante de la clase. Example 2: busco una estudiante que entienda el subjuntivo.

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