BIO 110 Lecture 1: A&P I Lab_Laboratory Report 1_2021

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A&P I - Laboratory Report 1 2021!
Assessment 2
Part A
1) 1. Liver - a. Abdominal cavity !
2. Lungs. d. Thoracic cavity !
3. Spleen - a. Abdominal cavity !
4. Stomach - a. Abdominal cavity !
5. Brain - b. Cranial cavity !
6. Internal Reproductive Organs - c. Pelvic cavity !
7. Urinary Bladder - c. Pelvic cavity !
8. Spinal Cord - e. Vertebral canal (spinal cavity)!
9. Heart - d. Thoracic cavity !
10. Small Intestine - a. Abdominal cavity !
2) 1. cavity: Cranial organ: Brain!
2. Cavity: Vertebral canal (spinal cavity) organ: spinal cord !
3. Cavity: Thoracic cavity organ: Lung!
4. Cavity: Abdominal cavity organ: Gallbladder!
5. Cavity: Pelvic Cavity organ: Urethra !
Part B
__C. Endocrine_System__ 1. The main system that secretes hormones " " " !
__D. Integumentary System____2. Provides an outer covering of the body for protection " "
___H. Reproductive System__3. Produces gametes (eggs and sperm)!
__G. Nervous System__ 4. Stimulates muscles to contract and interprets information from
sensory organs!
__J. Skeletal System_ 5. Provides a framework and support for soft tissues and produces
blood cells in red marrow!
___I. Respiratory System__6. Exchanges gases between air and blood """""
" !
_E. Lymphatic System__7. Transports excess fluid from tissues to blood and produces immune
cells " !
__F. Muscular System__8. Movement via contractions and creates most body heat " "
__K. Urinary System__9. Removes liquid and wastes from blood and transports them to the
outside of the body!
__B. Digestive System__ 10. Converts food molecules into forms that are absorbable " !
__A. Cardiovascular System__ 11. Transports nutrients, wastes, and gases throughout the
Part C
1. The mouth is superior to the nose. __incorrect usage , should be:_inferior___!
2. The stomach is inferior to the diaphragm. __correct usage___!
3. The trachea is anterior to the spinal cord. __correct usage___!
4. The larynx is posterior to the esophagus. ___incorrect usage, should be: superior__!
5. The heart is medial to the lungs. __correct usage__!
6. The kidneys are inferior to the lungs. __correct usage__!
7. The hand is proximal to the elbow. __incorrect usage, should be: distal__!
8. The knee is proximal to the ankle. __correct usage__!
9. The thumb is the lateral digit of a hand. __correct usage in anatomical position__!
10. The popliteal surface region is anterior to the patellar region. __incorrect usage, should be:
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