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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Exam 2 Review: 4/10/13 • Home confinement and electronic monitoring are examples of Community Corrections • This type of sentence combines weekend incarceration and probation supervision during the week Mixed Sentence • This intermediate sanction resembles a military boot camp Shock Incarceration • This reformatory was the first to use parole Elmira Reformatory • This is the most common form of sentencing in the US Probation • The parole board orders probation False • Which sentencing alternative requires an offender to spend part of their sentence working for a community agency Community Service • Probation is ordered by the court/ judge True • Which Supreme court case ruled that a probationers residence can be searched without a search warrant Griffin v Wisconsin • Failure to hold a job is the most frequent violation for which parole revocation occurs False • This type of sentence requires time to be served in a local jail before a period of supervised probation Split Sentence • Approximately 15% of people convicted of homicide are place on probation True • Maximum
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