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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Final Exam Review- 4/24/13 Exam 1 Chapters 1-6 Summary: • 2. An indictment is a formal written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury alleging that a specified person has committed a specified offense. TRUE • 3. Aconsecutive sentence is one that consists of two or more sentences that have been imposed simultaneously after conviction for more than one offense, and that are to be served at the same time. FALSE • 5. Atrial is the examination of the issues of fact and law in a case for the purpose of reaching a judgement of conviction or acquittal of the defendant. TRUE • 7. Civil justice concerns itself with fairness in relationships among citizens, government agencies, and business in private matters that involve contractual obligations, business dealings, hiring practices, and equality of treatment. TRUE • 8. Which model assumes that the systems subcomponents work together harmoniously to achieve the social product we call justice? CONSENSUS • 9. At which stage in the criminal justice process does the defendant enter a plea? ARRAIGNMENT • 13. which of the following terms is defined as the principle of fairness or the ideal of moral equity? JUSTICE • 14. Which model emphasizes the efficient arrest and conviction of criminal offenders? CRIME CONTROL • 16. which of the following terms means procedural fairness? DUE PROCESS • 17. The Federal Bureau of Investigation runs the Uniform Crime Reporting system. TRUE • 18. Property crimes typically have lower clearance rates than personal/violent crimes. TRUE • 20. Most occurrences of motor vehicle theft are reported to law enforcement agencies. TRUE • 24. Which index crime has the highest clearance rate? MURDER • 26. The unlawful taking or attempted taking of property that is in the immediate possession of another, by force or the threat of force, is know as? ROBBERY • 27. The ______ is based on victims reports rather than on police reports. NATIONALCRIME VICTIMIZATION SURVEY • 32. The Uniform Crime Reporting Program is based on? CRIME REPORTED TO POLICE • 35. The principle of recognizing previous decisions as precedents to guide future deliberations is called stare decisis. TRUE • 36. Anecessary first feature of any crime is some ac in violation of the law. TRUE • Civil law governs relationships between and among people, businesses and other organizations, and agencies of government. TRUE • 40. Common law originates from usage and custom rather than from written statutes. TRUE • 42. Which of the following types of law is based on the assumption that acts injure not just individuals but society as a whole? CRIMINALLAW • 45. Which type of law refers to the body of regulations that the government creates to control the activities of industry, business, and individuals? ADMINISTRATIVE LAW • 47. In its written form, the criminal law is also known as? THE PENALCODE • 50. Which of the following elements of crime means “guilty mind”? MENS REA • **51. Quality of life offenses are major law violations such as murder. FALSE • 52. Police-community relations were a product of the tumultuous 1960s. TRUE • 53. Wilson's legalistic style of policing has been referred to as laissez-faire policing because officers avoid disputes that do not break the law. TRUE • 58. The Kansas city Preventive Patrol Experiment established that: PREVENTIVE PATROL DOES NOTAFFECT CITIZEN FEAR OF CRIME • **59. Which of the following federal law enforcement agencies would most likely investigate a computer crime? FBI • **65. Community policing is best characterized by which of the following? PROVIDING SERVICE TO CITIZENS. • 66. What is the best way to describe police subculture? APARTICULAR SET OFVALUES CHARACTERIZED OFTHE POLICE • 67. What name is most closely associated with the concept “policing styles”? JAMES Q WILSON • 71. What may be the definitive book on community policing? TROJANOWICZ'S COMMUNITY POLICING • 72. Aknowing waiver of rights requires that the defendant be able to understand the consequences of not invoking the Miranda rights. TRUE • 73. The first significant US Supreme Court case involving an automobile was? CARROLLV US • **75. During the 1960, the Supreme court accelerated the process of guaranteeing individual rights in the face of criminal prosecution. TRUE • 77. Officers armed with a warrant are legally allowed to enter a persons home unannounced if the officers have a reasonable suspicion that it would be dangerous to announce themselves. TRUE • 81. Unreasonable searches and seizures are prohibited by the..? FOURTHAMENDMENT • 82. Awrit of certiorari allows...? APPELLATE COURTS TO REVIEW THE RECORD OFA LOWER COURT CASE. • 84. This rule requires that incriminating evidence be seized by police according the the Constitutional specifications of due process or it will not be allowed as evidence in court: EXCLUSIONARY RULE • 86. Alegal principle that excludes from introduction at trial and evidence later developed as a result of an illegal search or seizure. FRUIT OF THE POINSONED TREE DOCTRINE • 87. This case has become the basis for “stop and frisk.” TERRYV OHIO • 92. Profiling was originally intended to help catch drug couriers attempting to enter the country. TRUE • 93. Stress is a natural component of police work. TRUE • 96. Which case specified the conditions under which deadly force could be used to apprehend a suspected felon? TENNESSEE V GERNER • **99. Police subculture is transmitted primarily: THROUGH INFORMAL SOCIALIZATION • 100. Who coined the phrase “ working personality” of police officers? JEROME SKOLNICK Exam 2 Chapters 7-12: • **1. If jake is convicted in the US District Court and then loses his appeal in the
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