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Integrative Studies Social Sci
ISS 215

Chapter Review C1 Description – explanation – analyzation C2 Karl Marx – Max Weber (class, status, party) – structure functionalism C3 American class system Inequality trends (after WW2, 70s, 80s, 90s) – economy booming in the US (after WW2)  baby boomers generation poorer people are paying the price for globalization C5 the middle classes industrialization – post-industrialization – globalization became a nation of manufacturers and became so powerful, huge inventions, “made in America” meant good quality, replaced the UK as a superpower (industrialization) post: started losing jobs held by working class people, lost manufacturing (not gone, just not as much) America transitioned into a service economy, service jobs (banking, insurance, govt, teaching, etc) C7 Stratification systems (slavery – caste – estate – class) Social mobility (horizontal – vertical) – social mobility but economic status does not change (horizontal) - Vertical social mobility is going up/down (asst manager, promoted upward – demoted, downward) Most successful people who go upward, Determinants of social mobility Structural or individual mobility Structural mobility: industrial revolution, political party in power, war that causes change in a country  life of everyone in the country is impacted, gain or lose Individual mobility: v - Birth - Education - Ethnicity - Situational - Luck Skills/process of socialization learned in upper middle class Scholarships/financial aid – tuition is powerful factor in education in America Ethnicity determines success?????? Success in America: man, white, college graduate, protestant Discrimination has decreased dramatically UChicago did a study measuring how ethnicity impacts success in America Sent applications of fake candidates, 500 pairs of the same resume except the name of the applicant (one Black, one Traditional White) – results were unbelievable Situational – car crash, lost both legs, won’t be able to move up in society as easily Circumstantial luck: man smoking in non-smoking section refused to leave, security carried him to smoking section and the first dollar he put in gambling machine, won million-dollar jackpot Definitn of social difference and social stratification Class system in india, class system on globe, estate system Different stories – what were they about Functional perspective – 9 questions Social, society is complex Main features of functional perspective, evolutionism Three guys: durcheim, spencer, and ?? –
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