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North korea successfully tested a powerful new engine to be used in its missiles. But a separate test appeared to go wrong when the missile exploded just after launch. Syrian rebels launched an attack on a suburb of damascus, the first large-scale fighting so close to the capital for four years. China suspended meat imports from brazil after brazilian police raided several meatpacking plants that sold unhygienic produce. Peru suffered its worst storm in decades, caused by el-nino-type currents off its coast. With its cities caught off guard, at least 75 people were killed and 100,000 left homeless. China"s foreign ministry confirmed reports that the country"s president, xi jinping, will meet his american counterpart, donald trump at mar-a-lago, mr. trump"s resort in florida, on april 6th. A bomb detonated on a st. petersburg subway car on april 3, 2017. The terrorist attack killed 10 people and injured 50.

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