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PSY 101

psych exam 4 4/3/2013 7:24:00 AM Social Psychology Social psychology- the study of the causes and consequences of sociality. Social cognititon- process by which people come to understand others. Social Cognition  Stereotyping- process by which people draw inferences about others based on knowledge of the category to which others belong.  First impressions o The primacy effect is the principle that the first information learned about someone is the most powerful  Perceptual confirmation- when observers perceive what they expect to perceive  Self fulfilling prophecy- tendency to cause what they expect  Illusionary correlation- seeing a pattern of a relationship between 2 variables where no relationship exists. Stereotypes are overused Stereotyping is automatic  Implicit association test: Prejudice  Prejudice is a positive or negative evaluation of another based on their group membership  Scapegoat theory- prejudice offers an outlet for anger by providing someone else to blame.  Ingoup vs. outgrup bias. Overcoming prejudice  Contact hypothesis- increasing contact and familiarity reduces negative attitudes.  Superordinate goals- goals that require people to cooperate in order to succeed. Attribution Theory
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