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Exam 2 Study Guide Answers

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Michigan State University
PSY 236
Jonathan Witt

PSY 236 Study GuideExam 2Chapter 5Lecture 8Know Allports thoughts on personality traits slides 34oTraits are real and influence behavioroTraits are rooted in biologyoRelatively stable for the individual but vary across peopleoNot moral or social judgmentoCan be studieddemonstrated empiricallyoRelatively independent of other traitsKnow the basic assumptions of Trait TheoryoSame as above interactionism that traits interact with environment to create behaviorWhat are the two most important features of a personality traitoPredictunderstand behavioroMust be measurableWhat is a projective personality test What are some examplesoHow the person answer tells us something about himher Rorschach test intentionally vague subconscious unconscious thing free of social desirable responsesoBehavioral dataWhat are the pros and cons of projective testsoNo social desirable response dont know right answeroConcoding is required no evidence sguggesting that data is as good as S dataWhat is an objective personality test oS dataHow does aggregation work in regard to personality testsoSum score is comparable to individual scoreWhat is the rational approach to personality test construction Why is Eysencks model considered a rational approachoStart with a theory build a test to measure itoThe pen model Eysenck extraversion and neuroticism were the yin and yang and What four things are needed for a rational measurement approach to workoItems need to mean the same thing to each person interpretableoWillingness to respondoPerson needs to be accurate in their own assessmentoEach item should be relevant to what is being measuredWhat is the factor analytic approach to personality test constructionoStart with many questions see which groups they positively respond to and derive an underlying factor OCEANKnow the general steps of a factor analysisoNot huge deal start with many Qs see what goes together and come up with a final measureWhat are the limitations of factor analysisoConsa computer statistically decides but some subjectivity involved person defines OCEAN Not enough items to begin with perhaps What is the empirical approach to test constructionoStart with people not items See which items with a specific disorder agree with which dont In the future use that data to categorize peopleWhat is the most famous example of the empirical test construction approach
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