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TC 101 Exam 1 Review 2/5/2013 7:20:00 AM Spiral of Silence- Minority and majority point of you. Spiral is the minority so, the majority silences them. Since silent, that opinion spirals down. SMCR- Sender message channel receiver model  Sender- Who is portraying the information  Message- What is the context of info  Channel- How it is reported  Receiver- Who is reading it Agenda Setting- The news chooses what people to think about and what is important according to what they report Hi/Low Need for Cognition-  Hi- work and think through things o Don’t go through gut instincts o i.e big purchase big decision  Low- don’t really work things out o Go with your gut o Quick decisions i.e., what to eat Dates and time periods** Chinese and korean’s developed first printing press Interpersonal- one on one communication Intrapersonal- within a group Steretoyping is the formation of generalizations about a group of people based on ill intentions. Hegemony- status quo  Keeping things the way that they are  People in power want to stay in power’  Synchronous communication  Communication that occurs at the same time  i.e., talking over the phone Asynchronous communication  Communication that happens over a period of time  i.e., emails, texts (sometimes), voicemails Newspapers  Zenger Trial- creates first amendment o Went to trial b/c the governor didn’t like what he wrote
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