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5 Oct 2017

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State; cosmopolitanism and global citizenship: expansion on civil society: brings in more groups and participants into formal governing; governance to indicate stakeholders in state. Democracy 101: democracy = g(cid:396)eek (cid:862)(cid:396)ule (cid:271)y the people(cid:863, de(cid:373)o(cid:272)(cid:396)a(cid:272)y has (cid:271)ee(cid:374) fea(cid:396)ed as (cid:862)(cid:373)o(cid:271) (cid:396)ule(cid:863, democracy is an impact of the american and french revolutions. Direct and representative: direct, direct participation in decision making. Democracy/checklist: participation civil society, ability to vote, access to all, fair elections, multiple options, standardized rights, especially with minorities, proportional representation, check and balances, media (fake or not, constitution and law. Different explanations of democracy: elite democracy, most are happy to leave governing to an elite, masses generally do not get involved (except elections, easily misled or seduced, developmental democracy, people get a buzz from participation and civic engagement. Are there always limits: different states set different limits, reinforced by political cultures.

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