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Northeastern University
Criminal Justice
CRIM 1300

Rose-CRIM 1300 Spring 2014 Exam #1 Review Sheet Exam #1 will cover material from the start of the semester up to and including “The Effectiveness of Capital Punishment.” This review sheet is provided to aid in your studying and serve as a supplement to your class notes and readings. It is not meant as an all-inclusive list of things that will be on the exam. Costanzo and Class Lecture • History of executions o What were eras like (ex:Ancient, Early MiddleAges, Late MiddleAges, Early Modern, Modern)? o What methods were used? What were they like? o How was the death penalty in US different from Great Britain and Europe? • Methods of execution used in past o What were they like? • Five reasons why we kill killers • Four trends emerging as death penalty has evolved • Five moral justifications for the death penalty • The modern capital punishment process o Jury selection process o Bifurcated structure o Jurors’role in penalty phase o Appeals process • Differences in the death penalty o How many states use it? (Don’t forget fed. govt. and military) o How many don’t? o How does death penalty administration differ? (ex: method of execution, aggravating and mitigating circumstances, what crimes are death-eligible)  It’s not necessary to memorize every difference between the different states and the federal system. How
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