MUST 1220 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fast Fourier Transform, Pro Tools, Timbrality

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Intro to Music Technology
Final Review
Final = cumulative, more heavily focused on 2nd half of material.
URQs, SR, Bit Depth, important stuff from first half learning objectives!
Fast Fourier Transform = convert time domain to spectral domain.
Frame Size = number of samples we analyze / # of bins get out of analysis
Ex: FS = 2048
Bins = 1024
-Big Frame size, more frequencies but less info about time.
Hop Size = short fade in and out when sampling window of sound made by program. How far
we move over to take the next frame. To avoid pumps of sound, take more samples delayed
and frequency.
Frae Size a’t just always stay the sae.
Lots of rhythmic activity in sound, need smaller frame size.
Same note/very consistent, can boost frame size.
Keyboard Mapping = whatever kind of interface is, what key has original sample it was recorded
on and it transposed over other notes.
Key Range = pitch shifting from root key
Root Key = note originally recorded sound
Multi-Sampling = ex: double bass on bottom half of keyboard and piano on high end
Looping Loop Tuner get waveforms to line up without pops/clips
find more resources at
find more resources at
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