CAMS UA 101- Midterm Study Guide

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New York University
Child/Adoles Mental Hlth Stds
Jess Shatkin

Introductionmultifinality various outcomes may stem from similar beginnings one to manyequifinality similar outcomes may follow from different early experiences many to oneetiology cause of diseasenosology classification of diseaseepidemiology study of disease in groups or populationsHistory of DSM diagnostic and statistical manual of APADSM 1 disorders were reactions FreudheavyDSM 2 symptoms but no criteria addedDSM 3 diagnostic criteria added codified disorders for insurance better reliability childrens disorders addedDSM 3R removal of neurosis from bookDSM 4 4R clarified diagnses refined criteria Aspergers ADHD addedmultiaxial systemDSM 5 dimensional diagnoses organized developmentally cultural formulation Level 12 crosscutting symptoms measures VZ codesmost common adolescent cause of death accidents homicides and suicidehealth paradox of adolescence healthiest time physically yet overall sicknessdeath rates increase by 200300increase in risk taking behaviorprimary care providers mostly provide mental health service but little trainingfewer than 10 of public schools have comprehensive medical care servicessex differences girls more internalizing withdrawal more talking interest in faces mature fasterboy more externalizing bigger amygdalaaggressive drives interest in objectssynaptic pruning peak at 3 yrs 15000 synapses per neuron early adolescent loses 30000
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