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Media, Culture & Communication
James P.Stanley

Sarah NesheimHistory of Media and Communication Final Timeline552014137 billion years ago Big Bang47 billion years ago Life on Earth4 billion years ago Australopithecus Afarenis emerge126 million years ago Primates split away15 million500000 years ago Homo Habilis inhabit the earth20000500000 years ago Homo sapiens emerge5000030000 years ago Minds Big Bang 4000010000 years ago Upper Paleolithic Age Industrial Revolution in tools and toolmaking and an Information Revolution in improving these tools30000 years Neanderthals become extinct Homo Sapiens become last hominids alive10000 years ago End of the last great Ice Age ice receded and humans migrated to river valleys and began permanent settlements100005000 years ago Neolithic Age55003500 years ago Copper Age35001250 years ago Bronze Age5000040000 years ago Humans begin to paint and inscribe things30000 years ago Homo sapiens become the most dominant and only humans in Upper Paleolithic11000 9000 years ago Nomadic people settle down by the Tigris and Euph
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