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Goal and Self control (Bold and italics are concepts that I predict Robert Smith will ask on the test) A. Goal setting Why do we set goal? - direct attention - increase effort and interest, perseverance - increase planning - judge satisfaction Goal motivation and progress have high motivation but will gradually wear out when closer to the finishing point, people will have higher motivation (goal gradient hypothesis) ( U-shaped curve) - When to set goal?  new start  temporary landmark  measure predictions Key of goal setting: SMART i) Specific - implementation process: - goal intention: specify endpoints - implementation intention: specify when, where, and how - recognize opportunities and automate response ii) Measurable Why? - Mere measurement effect: measure predictions or intentions changes behavior iii) Attainable iv) Relevance How? - public commitment - set personal goal - extrinsic incentives? What is the potential problem of extrinsic incentives v) Time-bound - refer to specific in time B. Self- Control 1) Terminology - self-control: voluntary regulation of behavior, emotional and attentional resources - self-control dilemma: having a long term goal but a short term temptation interferes with it 2) Nature
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