HISTORY 2401 Study Guide - Book Of Documents, Duke Of Zhou, List Of Neolithic Cultures Of China

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Civilization: an ambiguous term often used to denote more complex societies (but sometimes. The winds from central asia brought this, it"s a fine (loose) yellow colored dirt. This made it easier to grow things since it was easy to work with. The loess since it is fine and loose makes the region for susceptible to floods. Deforestation also worsened the problem of the floods. There are many of these in japan- you get used to it . Stone age: the historical period characterized by the production of tools from stone and other. Paleolithic: the period of stone age associated with the evolution of humans. There were some western influences from other parts of the world, but the civilization really. Great river systems: the yellow and the yangzi rivers. Two of the biggest things when becoming a civilization- think trade and travel. Had an effect on south china and the culture in southern china and asia because of the.

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