GEOSC 040 Midterm: GEOSC 040 midterm review

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10 Aug 2016

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- everything is just right for the earth. - its planetary mass is large enough to have a thick gaseous atmosphere. - its distance is well within the life zone in which water does not totally freeze or boil. Atlantic and pacific oceans mix with waters from the baltic and. - it has different salinity, temperature, chemical composition, & density. - each molecule has a positive and negative end. - hydrogens are oppositely charged compared to oxygen ( like a magnet) - over the eons of time, the sea has grown ever more bitter with the salt of the continents . - she would make an observation & then a prediction (over time the ocean would get more and more salty: what affect does photosynthesis have on the concentrations of co2 and. - heat is energy produced by random vibrations of atoms or molecules (how many and how rapidly they are vibrating)

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