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Pennsylvania State University
Mangt Info Systems
MIS 204
Arthur Jones

MIS 204 Exam 4 Study online quizlet.com/_ad2h7 1. Which of the following is true Information needs to be 15.Organizations can lock in suppliers making it easy to about the quality of sufficient for the by making it difficult to switch to work with the information? purpose for which it is another organization or by organization generated, but just ________. barely so. 16.Which of the following is an Will a given 2. Information silos are not a begin to share data example of a question that data- customer default on problem until they ________. about the same entities mining will help address? a loan? 3. Focused differentiation occurs a better product is 17.Information silos arise as a increasing use of when ________. provided within an consequence of an organization's workgroup industry segment ________. information systems 4. A ________ is a column or key group of columns that identifies 18.An element of ________ feasibility organizational a unique row in a table. concerns whether the new system 5. Which of the following computer hardware, fits within legal requirements. accurately describes the five- software, data, 19.Fixing the system so that it works maintenance component framework of procedures, and people correctly or adapting it to changes information systems? in requirements occurs in the 6. Management information the development and use ________ phase of the information system development process. systems (MIS) is best defined as of information systems ________. that help businesses 20.In a business process, a role is a collection of achieve their goals and ________. procedures objectives 21.________ is the process by which Critical path 7. Which of the following is a setting up contractual project managers compress the analysis support activity in the value arrangements for schedule by moving resources, chain? procurement typically people, from noncritical 8. A ________ is a computing firewall path tasks onto critical path tasks. device that prevents 22.With ________ installation, the pilot unauthorized network access. organization implements the entire system/business processes on a 9. Metadata are ________. data that describe data limited portion of the business. 10.The operating system employs memory swapping 23.The ________ stage of the requirements ________ so that users can run multiple applications and information systems development analysis process involves identifying what is files at the same time. to be produced, how frequently and 11.Which one of the following viral marketing how fast it is to be produced. characteristics is true for companies such as Google, 24.A ________ shows the tasks, start Gantt chart and finish dates, and dependencies Amazon.com, and eBay that exemplify Web 2.0?
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