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Analyst Matthew CurtisContact Info mdc5237 SRA 231 Section 01Peer Reviewed by Kevin BaikDate Prepared 21714 PurposeTo identify the hindrancesbias in each passageTitle WA5OVERALL BLUF Combination of confirmation bias selective thinking and a bias of ignorance led to an Intelligence failure of Iraqs WMD program The advisors relied only on a questionable and unconfirmed source known as Curveball His intelligence was as a result of confirmation bias and selective thinking The advisors knew that their evidence was flawed but still argued they had a strong case due to a personal bias of ignorance As a result the report was flawed and inaccurate A more accurate report would have stated the uncertain nature of the flawed evidence and the possibility that Iraqs WMD programs were far less extreme as originally believedPassage 1George Tenet Director of Central Intelligence DCI and his deputy John McLaughlin went to the White House on Sunday December 21 2002 to brief the president vicepresident and the national security advisor on the intelligence regarding Iraqs nuclear chemical biological and missile programs The president was not impressed with the evidence At the conclusion of McLaughlins presentation the president asked Tenet is this best weve got Tenet replied 1unequivocally Dont worry its a slam dunk casePassage1 AnalysisSupporting Points McLaughlin and Tenet briefed the President with bias that they had enough evidence regarding Iraqs missile programs Illustrating a Personal bias hindrance in the sense that the Central Intelligence agents believing believed they had a strong case despite the presidents doubts about thise evidence Demonstrating their case on the basis
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