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MUSIC 0711
Doretta Whalen

Final Review Worksheet and Study Guide Content Directions for printing: This is a 3-sided document. In order to print, highlight the entire text, then select print option. History of Jazz Final Review Work Sheet and Study Guide Terms: Africanization, Avant-Garde, backbeat, collective improvisation, Cool Jazz, Crawford Grill, The Big Crossover, effects, electronic, Freedom, Free Jazz, Jazz Rock Fusion, Hard Bop, Hard School Within the Cool, harmony, improvisation, jam session, M-Base, melody, Modality, movie industry, NEA, organ trio, Progressive Jazz, rhythm, riff, sampling, sheets of sound, swing, Third Stream, vocalese, Young Lions VIPs : Julian "Cannonball"Adderley-played alto sax, collaborated with miles davis, contribution in modality, Professor Geri Allen-noted scholar, world renown jazz musician, pianist, Kenny Barron- pianist, dr.allens mentor, George Benson- became popular in fusion era electric guitar, Black Rock Coalition- organization inspired by legacy of miles davis, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers-mainstream jazz, art Blakey is a Pittsburgher nickname god, volcano, one of the very important jazz emsambles, Ray Brown-pittsburgher, stand up base or acustic, original member of modern jazz quartet rhythm section of dizzy’s big band, Dave Brubeck- take 5, landmark recording, cool period, piano, Donald Byrd, trumpet, fusion, played at pitt on several occasions when dr. davis invited him, Terri Lyne Carrington- female jazz musican, drummer, played in trio with professor allen, featured artist in listening selection, Maurice Chestnut- featured on history of jazz listning log, tap dacer, professor invited him to play at pitt, Kenny “Klook-a-mop” or “Klook” Clarke-pittsburgher, revolutionized drummer during bebop period, OG member of MJQ original name milt Jackson quartet, Ornette Coleman- multi instrumentalist during period recording called free jazz, played violin and alto sax, Steve Coleman-sax embass , John “Trane” Coltrane-guru of jazz during 1960s from philly domient instrument alto and tenor sax sheets of sounds described his playing technique, played so quickly sounded like a sheet, recorded when LP came into being hard bop, miles davis in modality, also brought east indian music into jazz 1960s jazz, Chick Corea- associated with fusion, played with miles davis and his band, returned to forever, synthesizer, Miles Dewey Davis- trumpet and flugel horn, associated with several styles of jazz, came to new York, fusion, Dr. Nathan Davis- founder of jazz studies department at pitt, plays tenor sax soprano sax and fluet, also played bass and chelo, Eric Dolphy- multi instrumentalist, father of amandguard, played 3 instruments, alto sax, bass claronette, and fluet, Gil Evans-arranging, collborations with miles davis, cool period, Stan Getz- tenor sax, went to brazil to learn more about various rhythms, collbaortations in south American with joebean, Dexter Gordon- tenor sax, hard school within the cool, west coast, movie, Lionel Hampton- vibraphone, program served at laboratory for young musicians, Herbie Hancock- fusion era, spin off artist from miles davis, piano, synthesizeLil Hardin- female piano player, new Orleans traditional style, played in Chicago, louis armstrongs wife, helped him become famous, Dr. Nelson Harrison- expert on Pittsburgh jazz, played trombone, Hampton Hawes- pianist, hard school within the cool, Headhunters- herby hancocks group, fusion era, Percy Heath- acoustic base, MJQ, Jimi Hendrix- icone in music in general, influences miles davis heavily during rock fusion era, Earl “Fatha” Hines- Pittsburgher, pianist, same playing style as Armstrong, left the burgh for Chicago, early bop band, young bop musicians, Milt Jackson- vibraphone player, founding player of MJQ,Ahmad Jamal(pgh paino), Eddie Jefferson(vcl vocalese), Hank Jones(piano, fat Tuesday) , Connie Kaye(drummer of modern jazz quartet replaced Kenny Clarke, male not female), Stan Kenton(father of progressive jazz), Lee Konitz(alto sax player during cool peri,John Lewis(pianist, founding member of MJQ), Lifetime(tony williams band, fusion era, tony Williams was harbringer of jazz fusion), Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Wynton Marsalis, MJQ, Thelonious Monk, Lee Morgan, Gerry Mulligan, Mwandishi, Jaco Pastorius, Boyd Raeburn , Return to Forever, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins, Archie Shepp, Wayne Shorter, Billy Strayhorn, Gunther Schuller, Bessie Smith, Jimmy Smith, Johnny Smith Quintet, Esperanza Spalding, Cecil Taylor, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Claude Thornhill, Bobby Timmons ,Lennie Tristano ,Stanley Turrentine, Weather Report, Mary Lou Williams, Tony Williams, Lester Young, Joe Zawinul Exercise #1 Underline or highlight the names of all Pittsburgh jazz musicians above. Exercise #2 For each musician named above, learn the instrument for which the artist is best known, and/or the major contributions. ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________ TOPICS Some Highly Significant Women In Jazz History And Their Styles: Bessie Smith (Blues) Lil Hardin (New Orleans/Chicago/Swing) Mary Lou Williams (Everything, including Ragtime, Spiritual, Blues, Swing, Bebop) Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Gospel/Rock and Roll) Terri Lyne Carrington (Current) ____________________________________________________
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