POL 22200 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bell Hooks, Asteroid Family, Glass Ceiling

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29 Oct 2014

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Arrive on time and avoid being noisy if you pack up while others are still taking the exam. As noted in the syllabus, disruptions are considered in participation grades, and some students do not test well with noisy interruptions so please be mindful of your peers. Depending on class size, i may ask students to spread out during exam time. 2 pencil (2 pencils are preferred) and sharpen them beforehand. Bring a pen for short-answer questions or essays. By exam time, put away all items (other than pencils/pens). Books/notes should not be visible (unless permitted for essay questions). Books/notes can t be shared during an open notes exam. As recommended policy, hats should be removed or turned around (unless permission is granted due to a disability, eye condition). Cheating would result in a zero and other action. Specific tips to do your best on exam day:

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